The Nature of Healing

Healing is not about ‘fixing’ what may be wrong. By its very nature, the intention to fix things is often based on judgements that divide the whole into minute fragments. Our obsession with the labelling of things often sabotages a more natural and comprehensive movement towards wholeness.

The Physical body is surrounded by an Energy field that extends far out beyond the outstretched arms and full length of the body. This human energy field contains and reflects the individual’s energy, it referred to as the Subtle Energy Body. It carries with it the Emotional energy that feeds into the Emotional Body. The Emotional energy is   created by the internal and external experiences – both positive and negative. This emotional energy influences the physical tissues within our bodies. Therefore, the individual’s biography derived from the experiences that make the life of the individual become his/her biology. This means though consciously unaware, we create our own reality and all that manifest in the world of form as Multidimensional Beings with a continual flow of energy that is interconnected at multiple levels and feeding into the Whole Self (refer to the Whole Self Diagram).

We are continuously challenged to participate in healing ourselves, our families, our political systems, and the planet. Our participation requires honest self-exploration and a willingness to weave our best techniques, skills, experience and knowledge into a whole fabric of the Triune Being i.e., Body, Mind, and Spirit. Healing requires an adequate regard for the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual components that constitute the whole person. Everything influences everything in a cyclic, interconnected relationship. [ Refer to The Whole Self & Life Energy].

The awakening to the Inner Power is a conscious choice that calls for choosing Spirit over the illusions of the physical circumstances.  Each time we choose to enhance our internal power, we limit the authority of the physical world over our lives, bodies, health and minds. Life relentlessly brings us to realize the importance of the words of Polonius, “To thine own self be True.” For without personal power navigating through the journey of any life, that life can become a frightening and painful experience.

Inner Counsellor & Body’s Energy System


The Whole Self & Life Energy

 In the Inner Counselor Process, the flow of the LIFE ENERGY is focused through the HIGHER SELF as it moves through the WHOLE SELF in the following sequence:

Body Energy System
  1. Energy moves through the MENTAL BODY [Level 4] where conscious, sub-conscious, and ever-conscious perceptions, ideas, and “beliefs” are stored symbolically as “thought-forms.”
  2. Thus, having generated or keyed into specific thought-forms – Energy moves through the EMOTIONAL BODY [Level 3], where it evokes the emotions associated with these thought-forms.
  3. Further conditioned by the corresponding emotions, the Energy moves through SUBTLE ENERGY BODY [Level 2], establishing the potential for the formation of physical conditions and actions.
  4. Having been conditioned by its movement through the MENTAL BODY, EMOTIONAL BODY, and the SUBTLE ENERGY BODY. Energy proceeds further to move into the PHYSICAL BODY, [Level 1] thus creating physical and emotional conditions, attitudes, responses, and actions.


The Inner Counsellor is a creative process that is rooted in Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine. It provides movement towards integrative wholeness and balance.

An Intuitive Guide for a Life’s journey that affords the individual the opportunity to tap into their intuitive intelligence, thus leading them into the heart of Wholeness. A transformational process of awakening to the power within, our Divine Nature, the Authentic Self/Transcendent Self. The realization of becoming conscious co-creators and active participants in creating a balance, harmonious and serene lives with Self.

Yin Yang
Yin Yang Wholeness


The embracing of the Oneness of All and arriving at a deeper understanding that in our state of Wholeness, the perceived polarities balance each other. None can exist without the other, for it is the harmonious rhythm that sustains and anchors all. The polarities such as dark/light, good/bad, masculine/ feminine, create a matrix of contrast and conflict as we seek dynamic balance. Often, when opposites are encountered, there is a tendency to believe that one quality must be sacrificed for the sake of the another. Until we can find ways to balance, integrate, and express all the of the active and reciprocal qualities, then we fully arrive at “Knowing Thyself.”  Without this understanding, we can never experience lasting Trust, Peace, and Joy.


Just as our bodies gives us a physical vehicle for growth and maturation, our personalities provide us with our psychological vehicle. Our personalities are shaped by the choices we make towards fulfilment of our needs. Fear, anger, grief, and sadness provide a protective shield for the personality where basic needs are unfulfilled and options are limited. However, while providing the protection, these responses also continue to control our thoughts and behaviors, acting as a barrier to the actual fulfilment of intrinsic needs that eventually direct us to Soul qualities namely: Strength, Freedom, Creativity, Acceptance, Unconditional Love, Peace, Trust and Joy.

Transformation that leads to awakening to the Authentic Self /Transcendent Self is a perpetual journey. We are forever returning to the place of Darkness, the Void to face the Shadow aspect of Self for the primal purpose of rebirthing self-anew as a fully integrated Being.  We arrive at a way of “Being and Knowing” in which the polarities of our existence are joined together within a balanced and healthy equilibrium.

The great philosopher William James noted that the opening of the heart to cosmic consciousness, can occur in two ways – suddenly through crisis or gradually through lysis.


Caroline Myss, “The ‘Inner Counsellor’ is a resource through which people can enter into themselves in order to pursue their own mysteries.”

Author­- Anatomy of the Spirit; Sacred Contracts, Awakening your divine potential.

Norm Shealy “There are many different ways to receive intuitive information. It is truly a uniquely individual process. Your goal is to determine your own intuitive ‘code’ -the organized way in which Spirit communicates with you and guides you in the most responsible use of energy.”

Author – Miracles do Happen.

Mmatheo Motsisi “We’re all born or enter this Earth plane with a given mission to fulfil. The soul chooses a vessel for operational purposes. The physical body is the required matrix through which the soul expresses itself. The keen observation brings the realization that the butterfly on its journey in life it lands on many different plants. It is inherently designed with the most delicate touch in order to register, navigate and interact with thorns. May we be inspired by the Butterfly as we undergo our own transformation.”

Author – Odyssey of a Healer