Ubuntu: Personal Freedom & Enlightenment

Our journey toward personal freedom and enlightenment is often hindered by self-limiting beliefs rooted in our fragmented minds. We reflect each other’s dreams, yet many of us wander as sleepwalkers, detached from the pulsating heart of our aspirations. While we may endure scarcity in time and money, our dreams, our Eagle Flight, remain essential, unraveling […]

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Great Epoch of Transformation

Great Epoch of Transformation In antiquity the wisdom of Elders was handed down through oral tradition. Eloquently expressed through proverbs and rich with spiritual/religious and ethnical insights. Kindly allow me to share this remarkable African (Setswana) proverb that states: “He who buries the tree will next bury the wild animal, and thereafter, bury his own

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Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet : UBUNTU

Journeys Into Enlightenment with Janet is where we meet at the intersections of Consciousness and Self. Janet and her friends explore the myriad of way we express in our physical and non-physical realms. Episode 24 Ubuntu and Our Human Community with Dr. Mmatheo Motsisi Tune in to listen to the podcast: https://janetandbeyond.com/podcast.html This episode is

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