Transpersonal Journey & Healing

“A Journey of Thousand Miles begins under one’s feet” Lao Tzu

We are on a journey of self-discovery continually in a state of becoming; we encounter challenges that directed us to focus inwardly in order to awaken us to our highest potential. John Seed calling upon the spirit of evolution captures these thoughts beautifully in his poem,

Awaken in us a sense of who we truly are:

Tiny ephemeral blossoms on the Tree of Life.

Make the purpose and the destiny of that Tree our own purpose and destiny.

Fill each of us with Love for our true Self, which includes all the creatures and plants and landscapes of the world.

Fill us with a powerful urge for the wellbeing and continual unfolding of this Self.”

We are of Water & Spirit
Mac Mac Falls_Mpumalanga RSA

The soul intrinsic quality for love is at the core of every single relationship we want to establish with self, others, and Supreme Spirit. Maslow states “…. all people need safety, love and status from their environment”.  Therefore, once these are met, development becomes more determined from within than from without. We attain authentic freedom as self-actualizer’s and our wishes and plans are the primary determinants rather than stresses from the environment.

Growth in itself is a rewarding and exciting process; growth in personality results in increase in wisdom and strengthens the character. A synergy relationship is reinforced, where the inner and the outer world are reconciled. Lao Tzu, a mystic who experienced the touch of the inner world has this to say about it, “The mysterious space is always there waiting for a director to use its inexhaustible gossamer strength.”

The mysterious space that we often refer to as the inner world remains constant through the flux and flow of life; it is the channel and directive force of creation through which we must all enter in order to cultivate our way towards reunion with the Transcendent Self.

Transpersonal journey explores the three fundamental questions:
  1. Who am I?
  2. What am I doing here?
  3. Where am I going?

It aims at comprehensive healing and nurturing of the wholeness of human nature – body, mind, and spirit which correspond with our subtle energies that feeds into the chakra system. Any imbalances at the chakra center when left unattended contribute to specific energetic dis-ease.

Transpersonal journey is the process of transformation that requires setting up the intentions of inviting the Higher Self [Inner Counselor] that links us with the supraconscious, it brings the wisdom and limitless healing that is specific in approach to our individual need.

The degree we exercise our personal responsibility and the right to make choices determines the extent of our freedom thus contributes to our personal individuation need. We curtail our freedom when we allow fear to manifest. When we embrace and accept the uninvited gradually become more peripheral and tenuous, finally fades away. We violate our own personal inner integrity by entertaining fear that entertains all sort of rationalization resulting in dismantling of the transpersonal journey.

         Three Levels of Self-Actualization

Let’s talk about who you are, who you really, truly are. Sure, you identify yourself as …………. [name] And others think of you as ………… [name].

  1. Having an identity/name associated with your physical form is a useful tool as we navigate this earthly existence.
  2. What happens when we limit our self-identity to a body, emotional self, and brain?
  3. What happens when we think of ourselves solely in this secular context? That’s leaving out a great deal of the picture including what is perhaps most important.

In a path of self-exploration that redirects us in knowing self beyond form [physical body]. Let us take a good long look at your self-perception. Are you in touch with yourself as a spiritual being, separate from the world around you, that’s merely inhabiting a physical body?

       Knowing Self in relation to the Universe

When we are in touch with ourselves as part of this Universal body, we understand without a doubt that there is no death, that there is everlasting life, and that unlimited potential is our unique calling card. This is how the Universe works and we share the same properties.

There are simple 3-level description of self-actualization.

  1. Awareness of who you really are.

Say to yourself:

“I am a spiritual being. I know who I am. I know why I’m here.”

The great 13th Century Persian poet Rumi says, “…Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.

Atlantic Ocean, Western Cape RSA


The remembrance of this epiphany is the moment of waking up. The awareness that You in your Beingness you’re the wave, yet an integral part of the ocean. As Rumi puts, “You are not a drop in the ocean, but the entire the Ocean”.

You can either choose to take the Awareness down a level. Or up a level, depending on your vantage point.


2. Embracing your soul’s identity and purpose.

The raised awareness to embrace your soul’s identity and purpose. Beyond that awareness lies an integration of mind and heart. This is the state of relationship: with yourself, others, and the world. Here, we maintain the attitude and felt-sense that we are one with the Field, with Divinity, with Source.

The acknowledgement that “You are Aware of your Oneness with everything. You have Embraced who you truly are.”

3. Demonstration the truth of humanness (UBUNTU /ONENESS)

A willingness to Demonstrate the truth of humanness. It’s through “conscious living” that this demonstration is possible.

And what’s so exciting about this is that we’re all called to do this in our own unique way. We’re tapped into the same unified field. Omniscience resides here including the station in life we are each called to.

But demonstrating is all our own and can go in any number of directions, including Truth, Love, and Deep Service (or something entirely different).

We will feel our own soul’s calling, and, when we follow it, miracles become a part of the normal life experience.

Cape Agulhas Western Cape RSA

Remember: No one else on the planet knows our calling. It’s between the Source Of All That Is and each one of us.

So, Awareness, Embracing, and Demonstration. This is one way to describe the self-actualization process that is fundamental to the path we share.