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The book, Odyssey of a Healer discusses the concept of souls choosing bodies for a mission on Earth, symbolized by a vision of a gathering where elders announce the need for evolved souls to assist Mother Earth. It explores the soul’s ability to retain memories, create life, and emphasizes that the soul is immortal and independent of the physical body. The body is seen as a vessel for expression, and the text encourages identifying beyond perishable senses for a multi-dimensional understanding. The cyclical nature of life, spiritual growth, and the importance of shedding old aspects for rebirth are highlighted. The author, Dr Mmatheo Motsisi reflects on personal exploration, self-discovery, and the consequences of failing to fulfill one’s purpose. The book is presented as a journey of a healer, incorporating experiences with Mother Nature and insights from other healers.

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Editorial Review

Odyssey of the Healer. Encouraged by the cover art by artist Dineo Seshee Bopape, I bought this book on Amazon Kindle. But after I had read the first few pages, I put it down. A month later, I’ve picked it up again and am engrossed in a true but fantastical story of Motsisi, a doctor and sangoma (diviner) who shares the details of how she came to be the spiritual sage that she is. I was not ready when I picked up the book the first time, in the sense that I wasn’t open to hearing some of what is written in the book. Motsisi reveals aspects of her soul’s journey and approaches the large questions of life in ways that I’m familiar with. The difference is she locates these questions in Africa, writes about them in isiZulu and isiXhosa and Sesotho and English. This is a physical embodiment of the importance of archiving and documenting indigenous knowledge systems for modern Africans. (Editor: Milisuthando Bongela)

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Excerpt from the Book

Initiation through Nature
A seed is useless and impotent unless it is put in its appropriate matrix.
(Rosicrucian Axiom)[i]
Who Am I
I am the essence of Tao,
Expressing itself in form,
I am Pure Consciousness,
I have a body, mind, and emotions,
I am none of those.
Being is my deepest Self,
It is beyond name and form,
It is felt as ever present,
I am ceaseless just like the vastness of  the sea,
I am that which is beyond name and form,
I am the Rising Dragon from the deep waters,
The Phoenix re-birthing itself from the ashes,
The Heron caretaker of the departed souls,
The roaring Lion in the wilderness,
The morning Star at the break of dawn,
I am that which is beyond name and form.
We’re all born or enter this earth plane with a given mission to fulfil. The soul chooses a vessel for operational purposes just like a driver chooses a car. The physical body is the required matrix through which the soul expresses itself. I am reminded of a vision that has always vividly replayed itself both in my dream and wake state and yet I have carried it with me from my early teens and only began to decipher its message in my adulthood. In this vision, many moons had passed when suddenly the high-pitched sound emitted by seashells was overheard drawing all soul beings from different kingdoms to assemble at the sacred shrine for an important announcement.
The same seashell trumpet was also used to calm the Spirit of the Sea or summon the Wind Spirit to arouse a turbulent motion in the deep waters for the birthing of new life forms.
These acts-achieved in collaboration with nature spirits- were dependent on the sound blown through seashells to either send a message to the Spirit of the Sea or the Wind Spirit. In this great assembly, presided by the hierarchy of elders, keepers of ancient wisdom, the water deities, thanked all their relations from different kingdoms that made up the Cosmos.
In unison, they all partook in a sacred ritual ceremony for the consecration of the cohesive silver cord that bound them together into Oneness. After lengthy salutations were made by representatives from each kingdom, the chief elder proclaimed that the moment was ripe for the incarnation of their appointed one into the physical realm. It was revealed that Mother Earth was under a dark cloud during this transitional period. This dense vibration was reportedly draining the keepers of the Earth portals that open to the entire planetary kingdom. There was a great need to assign unlimited number of highly evolved souls to take life forms on Earth in order to serve as midwives during this birthing process that ushers Gaia, Mother Earth into the dawn of another new era.
During this transmission, there was the awareness that I had taken life forms in other planets prior visiting Mother Earth. For many generations, in different life forms, I was a participant in contributing to the creative, destructive and preservative forces that interplayed in the life cycle of Earth Mother. It was crystal clear that as a soul being I possessed the ability to keep important memories and talents that formed the essence of my being, and the ability to create life and control the body of life through the lodging of the soul into an object or matter. There existed an awareness that, during the phase, when there was no life in the Universe, the soul being lodged itself in the lifeless objects such as rocks, water, air, etc. I was awakened to the realization that the soul is as old as creation itself, immortal, boundless and timeless.
We are spiritual beings having an experience in a physical body, and not the other way round. It is an illusion to believe that the soul needs the physical body for its existence. The soul flows from the Supreme Source, it only chooses an appropriate matrix for its expression in form and fulfilment of its mission as it continues on its upward journey of progression. The body is just a chariot which the soul rides. Its senses, namely, sight, sound, smell, taste are wild horses that pull the body in many different directions. Identifying only with these senses and the perishable body is self-limiting and results in the loss of authenticity that defines us as a multi-dimensional being.
A seed is contained in everything that is in a process of continuous change, in a spiral and evolutionary progression. The wheel of life is an endless journey of illumination always rising and falling. It is extremely challenging and yet transformative; at its climax, the moment of bliss is attained through union with the Transcendent Self. The elders have always admonished us that the shedding of old skin is a mandatory process that precedes rebirth and growth. It is worth remembering that to partake on a higher ideal requires letting go of the lesser option, the earthly attachments that derail the explorer. The principle of letting go, known as wu-wei by the Taoist, is a precious virtue in harmony with spiritual growth and enlightenment. Therefore, anything contrary serves the ego which is rooted in fear of the unknown, a hindrance to the spiral progression process.
Every new cycle is an opportunity to birth the self-anew through exploration, dreams and self-discovery. During our brief earthly transit, we engage in diverse activities and explorations in various fields of study. The wise soul- using the body as a medium of expression- recollects the scattered pieces of a puzzle because in a way the wholeness of a puzzle is contained in its pieces. The essence of our being is to fulfil the given mandate. Thus, failure to accomplish that is a waste of valuable talent bestowed to us. In a nutshell, this a self-annihilation process that results in the loss of one’s dignity and purpose. When left unchecked it can escalate further, resulting in soul loss while in the world of the living. The created spiritual vacuum as a result of soul loss degrades the individual to a zombie, a descriptive terminology equivalent to a robot in western thought.
Let us pause for a moment and revisit the early vision of the seashell trumpet and ponder on the questions that have propelled me on this pilgrimage: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? At a soul levelI am many things in one, a multi-dimensional being briefly transiting the earth plane.  I am on an interesting exploration that has rendered me on several accounts speechless and left me in a state of awe. It is a progressive journey of endless discovery. It is sufficiently described by the analogy of the serpent/snake as it undergoes a process of death and rebirth: it sheds off its skin as it outgrows the old. A keen observation of snakes reveals that before it begins to shed its skin, its eyes will begin to cloud over. This gives the snake a trance-like appearance, indicative of its ability to float between the realms of the living and the dead, as it crosses over from life to death and return to life again.[ii]As the skin begins to shed, the opaqueness of the eyes clears allowing optimum vision that provides clarity, thus viewing the world from an entirely a new perspective.
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Soul To Soul Talk

In many Indigenous cultures and spiritual traditions, direct knowing is achieved through a profound sense of merging or becoming one with the object of intentionality. As a healer and mystic entrusted with Ancient Wisdom by the Gatekeepers of Knowledge, I deeply believe that Direct Knowing is attained through the embodiment of the experience itself. Becoming one with the experience opens the avenue of compassionate understanding. Rather than an outsider, the partaker of the experience becomes a friend, fostering a sense of unity where neither the experience nor the observer is solely regarded as the subject or object.

This book stems from my personal spiritual journey in search of the true essence of my being. To explore the compelling topic of the “Odyssey of a Healer,” I delved into a self-study of my sacred experiences with Mother Nature as the Teacher and Bestower of this profound gift. This exploration further led me to engage with healers globally, capturing their sacred experiences with Mother Nature that contributed to their calling as Wisdom Keepers of Ancient Healing Ways.

In sharing these reflections, I aim to maintain clarity and conciseness while honoring the depth and richness of the subject matter. It is crucial to me to approach Indigenous and spiritual traditions with the utmost respect and cultural sensitivity, ensuring that their portrayal is accurate and authentic.

As you journey through these pages, I invite you to reflect on your own experiences and beliefs related to healing and spirituality. Together, let us explore the interconnectedness of all things and the transformative power of direct knowing.

About the Author

Dr. Motsisi’s journey of healing and spiritual exploration has taken her across the globe, where she actively participated in Healing Practices & Rituals of Indigenous Peoples in Nepal, India, China, Africa, and among Native Americans in the USA. Her experiences and interactions with healers during her travels inspired the conception of her book, “Odyssey of a Healer,” which originated from her Unpublished Dissertation on the ‘Healing Power of Nature.’ This dissertation, based on her spiritual journey and the wisdom gathered from healers worldwide, reflects a decade-long intensive study.

Currently based in Johannesburg, Dr. Motsisi runs a Holistic Practice where she applies her comprehensive knowledge and empathetic understanding to address the needs and problems of those under her care. Her holistic approach integrates traditional and alternative healing modalities, emphasizing the innate connection between body, mind, and spirit in the healing process. Dr. Mmatheo Motsisi stands as a beacon of holistic healing, blending ancient wisdom with modern practices to foster wellness and wholeness in individuals and communities.