Consciousness Conversations with Dr Mmatheo Motsisi

Who Am I

I am the essence of Tao,
Expressing itself in form,
I am Pure Consciousness,
I have a body, mind, and emotions,
I am none of those.
Being is my deepest Self,
It is beyond name and form,
It is felt as ever present,
I am ceaseless just like the vastness of the sea,
I am that which is beyond name and form,
I am the Rising Dragon from the deep waters,
The Phoenix re-birthing itself from the ashes,
The Heron caretaker of the departed souls,
The roaring Lion in the wilderness,
The morning Star at the break of dawn,
I am that which is beyond name and form.
From Odyssey of a Healer
by Dr. Mmatheo Motsisi

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Conscious Conversations with hosts Joan M. Newcomb and Janet Barrett encourages you to go deeper into Consciousness, to be present and authentic amidst hectic daily life! It features interviews with leading edge thinkers, consciousness raisers, authors, teachers, empaths, intuitive and energy workers!

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Today on Conscious Conversations, Joan and Janet talk with, Dr Mmatheo Motsisi, healer, mystic, Ordained Minister and author of Odyssey of A Healer. After extensive training in Integrative Healthcare, Spirituality, Physiotherapy, Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture, her passion for natural ways of healing propelled her to study Theology and Alternative / Complementary Medicine with Holos University in Missouri (USA). Dr Mmatheo Motsisi has travelled extensively participating in Healing Practices & Rituals of Indigenous People of the World in Nepal, India, China, Africa, including the Native Americans in the USA. Dr Mmatheo Motsisi is based on her spiritual journey and the experiences of other healers, she has interacted with during her many travels. It was an intense study that spanned over a period of 10 years. She runs her Holistic Practice located in Johannesburg. She has developed a sympathetic understanding of the needs and problems of those entrusted under her care. Her website is

Consciousness is in everything. In the human form it manifests as a living sentient being with the ability to hold awareness of both non-physical and physical worlds as real. We will share about how body mind and spirit is a Western reference and that indigenous cultures have no such distinctions. All materials in existence shares the same living spirit and soul. What it is like to realign our interior spaces when we hold this as our forgotten truths reawakened. We are Spirit experiencing life through the human form Consciousness is our collective term and Soul is us the individual. Self is the individual embodiment of Soul.

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 Editorial Reviews: Odyssey of a Healer

Mail & Guardian: Book Review by Editor, Ms Milisuthando Bongela

Encouraged by the cover art by artist Dineo Seshee Bopape, I bought this book on Amazon Kindle. But after I had read the first few pages, I put it down. A month later, I’ve picked it up again and am engrossed in a true but fantastical story of Motsisi, a doctor and sangoma (diviner) who shares the details of how she came to be the spiritual sage that she is. I was not ready when I picked up the book the first time, in the sense that I wasn’t open to hearing some of what is written in the book. Motsisi reveals aspects of her soul’s journey and approaches the large questions of life in ways that I’m familiar with. The difference is she locates these questions in Africa, writes about them in isiZulu and isiXhosa and Sesotho and English. This is a physical embodiment of the importance of archiving and documenting indigenous knowledge systems for modern Africans.


Book Review on Morning Live, SABC with Presenter, Mr Simphiwe Ncongwane

Our guest author this morning describes herself as a healer, mystic, and an ordained minister in all faiths of spirituality and health. Dr Mmatheo Motsisi’s gift of healing has taken her to all four corners of the world in her quest to interact and learn from other healers globally. She has now documented her spiritual journey and life experiences in a book that she released early last year titled an Odyssey of a Healer.

Product Description: Odyssey of a Healer

Everything that happens serves a divine purpose and it’s orchestrated from above. It happens because it’s destined to happen. There are no co-incidents nor there are mistakes. All that manifest itself in the physical has its origin in spirit. The wheel of life is an endless journey of illumination always rising and falling. It is extremely challenging and yet transformative; at its climax, the moment of bliss is attained through union with the Transcendent Self.
In this deeply structured spiritual book, Dr Motsisi takes us through the journey of her life in such an overwhelming way.
Find the healing of your inner-self carefully hidden in the intricate woven tapestry of the book: Odyssey of a Healer.