Children of the Great Python


A Journey of Thousand Miles begins under one’s feet (Lao Tzu)

A Journey with neither a beginning nor an end, of awakening to the true essence of being under divine guidance of Ancient Ones – the Primal Progenitors of Life. Commonly called here in the Motherland AFRICA as “aBadala” in isiZulu,  an isiNguni dialect that falls under BANTU Language.  Ba- prefix to denote people, – Ntu associated with the creator god / goddess. Therefore Ba-Ntu it is a respectable term to address the People  created by their god/goddess -Ntu.

Mma-Theo meaning the ‘Mother of Foundation’

I am humbled  to have incarnated into this physical plane during this powerful Epoch of Transformation, the culmination of the life cycle of 104, 000 years of SERPENTS of WISDOM . The culmination of this long life cycle of Serpents of Wisdom ushers us into the the Golden Age.

I have been haunted by the question:  “Who occupied Earth before humans made it their home?” If you are a curious being with deep-seated need to uncover the mystery of life & purpose of incarnating into this physical plane, such soul intriguing questions pave their way in one’s consciousness. These questions were also provoked by the spiritual beings encountered during soul journeying, that disclosed information that made me question written history and the notion of human evolution amongst many other things.

After I read several books on the early occupancy of Earth, I was directed to a interesting site to read more on “WHO LIVED ON EARTH 10 500 B.C”

The Sky People from Orion, Sirius, Leo and Draco (the Dragon) have occupied Earth for eons prior the birthing of humans or “Earth people.” To those with myopic view, this becomes a point of contention, a  hard pill to swallow and yet it is an undeniable truth that these Sky People were cornerstones of the ancient world on Earth in 10,500 BC.

In the motherland, Africa, there are several tribes that claim their ancestry from a powerful race of beings, Lords of the sky called the Imanyukela by the Bahutu and Watutsi people of Rwanda. The word Imanyukela literally translates to “the Lords who came from above”. The Imanyukela originated from the Orion constellation known in isiZulu as Umzingile. They inhabited earth for thousands and thousands of years. Before they returned to their sacred Spider constellation, they dug deep into the sacred flesh of Mother Earth for minerals needed for healing of the atmospheric blanket that clothed our galaxy. These great evacuations were made beneath the Ruwenzori Mountains regarded as the Mountains of the Moon. The Imanyukela built a city of copper buildings surrounded by walls of silver deep in the bowels of Mother Earth. The city stood in a huge mountain of pure crystal, the sacred mountain of knowledge from which all knowledge on earth comes and ultimately returns. The Bambara people in West Africa called the Lord of the sky the Zishwezi, which means the dival or the glidal-creatures that can glide down from the sky or glide through the water. They are described as a race of highly advanced and fearsome creatures which bear a resemblance to men.

The Dogon people in Western Africa pay homage to the Nommo people, a race of reptilian or amphibian beings who were believed to have come from the Sirius star to bestow knowledge, royal priesthood and kinship of a tribe. The Sirius star is respectively known among the Batswana as Naledi yaphiri meaning the “Star of the Wolf” and Inja by the amaZulu meaning the “dog star”. There are Bantu people in the motherland of Africa through oral tradition the custodians of knowledge have communicated the founding of their tribe and kingship by the supernatural race of beings that came from the sky. These proclaimed water deities carried a high vibration, therefore, arrived from the sky and moved into the sea to create life forms on

Most of the African tribes in the motherland  are connected with the star people. These can be found in their legends, language and culture. This is explicit among the amaZulu people, the ancestry of King Shaka kaSenzangakhona who was famously known for his bravery and unsurpassed combat skills. The amaZulu call themselves the “People of the Sky”, derived from the word izulu which means inter- planetary space. In the isiZulu language, the name for the sky, the blue sky, is isibhakabhaka. It is clear from their lexis that the amaZulu people in Southern Africa were knowledgeable with astral travel. They claimed that eons ago a race of intelligent beings with amphibian features arrived out of the skies. They could change shape at will. They married their daughters and produced a powerful race of Kings and tribal Chiefs. These intelligent beings, the lords of the sky, were associated with a large group of stars which formed part of the Flower Star, the Milky Way, known to the amaZulu people as Nkanyamba yeSibhakabhaka, which means “The Great Serpent”. The name derived from the reddish star, near the tip of this huge rim of stars which the amaZulu people call isoneNkanyamba, called in English the Alpha Centauri.

According to the Sumerian texts “Elder gods” or “Anunnaki” were, in fact, not the first “gods” on Earth – a race or races known as the “Ancient Ones” pre-dated the arrival of the “Elder gods/Anunnaki”.The Ancient Ones referred by Baba Credo Mutwa and Dogon Tribe as the ‘Nommo People’ had come from the Sirian star system many eons earlier and had established an extremely advanced culture. The Nommo People,  the Ancient Ones were the ‘Masters of the Water’ and ‘Spiritual Guardians’.

Upon disclosing the spiritual visitations of the Star People to Baba Mutwa during our interaction. He elaborated that Earth is not the only world upon which life exists and songs of life are heard. The Wise Ones he met during his initiations in the motherland of Africa described a total of fourteen worlds upon which life exists. Apparently, most of these worlds do not have oceans similar to the ones found on Mother Earth. Some have huge freshwater lakes big as a sea but no oceans. There are only two worlds covered with salt water of which one belongs to the Nommo people. The watery world of the Nommo dances around the Red Dog star called Sirius. The initial encounter of Africans with the Nommo people occurred over 7000 years ago. These awful-looking beings arrived on Earth in a vessel along with fire and thunder. They were considered the Saviours and Spiritual Guardians, the Masters of Water who imparted various forms of knowledge to humanity.

The benevolent Nommo people addressed the people of Earth upon their arrival:

“People of this world, we are the Nommo People. We descent from the land of the Stars of Kerri-Tau, the Star you know as the Star of the Red Dog. Listen to our words. We have been assigned by the Highest One in the high place.”

The people of Earth listened spellbound while the Nommo people spoke for days about the mysteries of the Cosmos and the mysteries of creation. They revealed the great wars that broke in the Star Kingdom, as the great worlds unanimously waged war against humans that were vicious and aggressive towards other intelligent living beings. The humans were defeated and driven away from the centre of the Star Flower known as the Milky Way. They came down to Mother Earth seeking refuge. They were unrepentant of their malevolent ways and aggression that resulted in the expulsion from their original home in the Star Kingdom. The Ancient Ones informed us that there were many races among the Star Kingdom, who were afraid of the vicious, aggressive humanoids. The Council of Elders in the Stars decreed that a watchful eye should be kept upon these aggressive humanoids to ensure that they do not become a threat to other intelligent beings that co-existed with them in the Cosmos.

Subsequently, the Nommo people reiterated that the race of humanity was once great amongst the stars, the leading race in the great clusters of Stars. They lost their rightful place in the galaxy because they were war mongers driven by hatred and selfishness. The great assembly in the Star Kingdom awaits their return into galaxy which is heavily weighed on their reformation and recognition of the Oneness of our state of being governed by Universal Love.

Extract from the Book: Odyssey of a Healer  by Mmatheo Motsisi  (pp 190-192)


According to Dogon mythology, Nommo was the first living being created by Amma, the sky god and creator of the universe.

He soon multiplied to become six pairs of twins. One twin rebelled against the order established by Amma, thereby destabilizing the universe. In order to purify the cosmos and restore its order, Amma sacrificed another of the Nommo, whose body was cut up and scattered throughout the universe. This distribution of the parts of the Nommo’s body is seen as the source for the proliferation of Binu shrines throughout the Dogon region.

According to the Dogon Tribe say that their astronomical knowledge was given to them by the Nommo. The Dogon elder, Ogotemelli, describes them variously as having the upper part as a man and the lower portion as snake; or as having a ram’s head with serpent body.

The Anunnaki, that later visited Earth were also very technologically advanced themselves, subsequently caused immense problems after their arrival on Earth and a massive war broke out that changed the entire face of the Earth and irrevocably altered the course of life thereon.

We have among us dynamic spiritual stalwarts both in the spiritual and physical realms that are aligned with the Will of the Spirit and bestowed with the Wisdom and Power of the Serpent. The SERPENTS of WISDOM have acquired many names such Nagas (Snakes) in India, the Quetzlcoads (Plumed SERPENTS) in Mexico, the Djedhi (Snakes) in Egypt, the Adders  (Snakes) in Britain and the Lung (Dragons) in China, here in the Motherland AFRICA they are reverently called Sons and Daughters  of the Great Python that birthed All. Collectively, they have been called the SERPENTS of WISDOM.

In the Motherland Africa, Python is considered a sacred and worshiped by different tribes. It is also associated with the great pools. It is called in isiZulu, ihlwathi meaning one in “possession of the ability to hypnotize its victims before crushing them down.” There is a mystical snake, regarded as the Great Python believed to inhabit the lakes, rivers and dams. It is named in isiZulu, Nyandezulu, meaning “the great bundle of heavens”. Nyandezulu is also commonly known as Nkanyamba among the amaZulu tribe and Kgwanyape by the Batswana. It possesses the ability to travel in air as a tornado. Once provoked, the unleashed serpent becomes destructive beyond measure.

Sons and Daughters of the Great Python

The Great Mother of All !

Goddess Nokhumbulwana is calling !

The moment is ripe

Enter into my womb to be reborn

Bathe yourself in my living waters

Allow me to gently peel off the old skin
Shatter the veils of illusion obscuring your vision

Let the radiance of your renewed skin

Send beams of light to the Sky-god

Marking the joy of rebirth
Of the sons and daughters of the Great Python


Mmatheo Motsisi: Odyssey of a Healer 

The snake dance is commonly performed by the BaVenda, BaTsonga and Khoi-San among other African tribes in honour of the Great Python. The Great Python was once held to be symbolic of the Earth Mother. It is reverently believed that the Great Python ‘opened the fragrant door of the village of love’, by teaching the first man and woman the mysteries of sex.

The praise song dedicated to the Great Python by Baba Credo Vusamazulu Mutwa eloquently captures the essence of this Great Serpent, the Great Mother of the Pools highly revered in Africa:

You are the light of the long grass
You are the rainbow of the tall trees
You are the great-grandmother of wisdom
You are the mother of all magic
You are the Python, the mother of all snakes!
You are the Python, the mother of all reptiles!
You are the Python, the queen of all witches!
You are the Python, the one who rules the rivers!
You are the one whose eyes are friendly, but whose coils are the deadliest of death
You are the wood, you are the trees
You are the tall grass, you are the mountains
You are the one who has all the knowledge of our forefathers
You are the great snake that we all revere
You are drum to whose rhythm we all dance
You are the domba in whose honour the maidens of Venda dance the night away
You are the Python, the queen of all snakes
You are the one who opened to us the fragrant of the village of love!


Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa : Isilwane

Well the story of the SERPENTS of WISDOM is said to have began with their appearance on Earth eons ago, as they landed here to birth life forms. This initiated a long cycle which was destined to last 104, 000 years. We are informed by the Wise Ones that the  104,000 year cycle has been divided into four parts or rather “Worlds”, each of which has corresponded to one of the four corners or directions, and one of the four elements namely: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Therefore each “World” has been approximately 26,000 years. This is the length of one Precession of the Equinoxes, i.e. the number of years required by the  Solar System to  move backwards through the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Baba Credo Mutwa & Mmatheo 2014/2/23

The SERPENTS of WISDOM occupied the Twin Dragon Lands namely Lemuria and Atlantis.  Baba Credo Mutwa, from whom I have suckled wisdom of the Ancient Ones informed me of the Enlightened Ones, the First People of Amarire commonly known as Lemuria. He made a drawing of the Continent Africa in its current state, elaborating that it should be borne in mind that the existence of the Dragon Lands of the Immortals occurred prior to the continental shift. So the sketch drawn  must be analysed within that context.

Amarire & Garamante Ancient Civilization

Lemuria, a Dragon Land of the Immortal Serpents before the deluge that resulted in its submersion and thereafter the continental shift  was attached to the Southern tip of India and extended West to the coast of AFRICA, the  South of Australia and the East of Pacific. The People of Amarire were a Matriachal society of Enlightened Ones, the SERPENTS of WISDOM known as the Sons and Daughters of the Great PYTHON. We are informed that following completion of their momentous work, some of  the creator gods and goddesses, elected to remain on Earth as protecting nature spirits  for the duration of the cycle. While others following the deluge which resulted in the submersion of their Dragon Land, they entered the bowels or womb of Mother Earth, i.e. occupied the  Inner Earth City commonly referred to as SHAMBALLAH: Land of the Advanced Race and established their own Kingdom which still in existence to date and can be accessed through mystical tunnels under their guidance.

SHAMBALLAH: Land of the Advanced Race

Shambhala is said to have a city and/or many parts of with different extraterrestrial beings.
Tibetans believe the land is guarded by beings with super human powers.

There are allegedly several entrances throughout the world:

  1. Kentucky Mommoth Cave, in south-central Kentucky, US.
  2. Mount Shasta, California, US – the Agharthean city of Telos allegedly exists within and beneath this mountain.
  3. Manaus, Brazil.
  4. Mato Grosso, Brazil – the city of Posid supposedly lies beneath this plain.
  5. Iguaçú Falls, border or Brazil and Argentina.
  6. Mount Epomeo, Italy.
  7. Himalayan Mountains, Tibet – the entrance to the underground city of Shonshe is allegedly guarded by Hindu monks.
  8. Mongolia – the underground city of Shingwa allegedly exists beneath the border of Mongolia and China.
    Rama, India – beneath this surface city is a long lost subterranean city, they say, also named Rama
  9. Pyramid of Giza, Egypt.
  10. King Solomon’s Mines.
  11. Dero Caves,
    North and South Poles.


The other Twin Dragon Land of Immortals namely Atlantis was  a patrichial society that was later submerged under water. In recent times physical evidence of the existence of Atlantis has been linked with Bermuda Triangle, divers have discovered underwater stone structures dotting the Atlantic Ocean floor.

We living in exciting era, nothing is hidden anymore from those awakaned and bestowed with the spiritual insight to decode the messages presented to us through Mother Nature by the ANCIENT ONES.

It’s worth pointing out that  the Aquarian Era of Freedom and Transformation upon us is overseen by the Water Bearer, synonymous to the ‘Masters of the Water’ – titled associated with the ‘Nommo People’ . It makes One ponder deeply, All that came into being was birth from Primal Ocean of Consciousness, the living waters created life forms from unicellular to multicellular organisms, that is PROFOUND!  The SERPENTS of WISDOM have  chosen to return so that they contribute in the planetary shift of Beloved Mother Earth and her children. The Golden Era is herald by the POWERFUL SOLAR ENERGIES because the Leo Constellation is in Polar opposite to the Water Bearer. The Serpents of Wisdom for eons were known to be Sun Worshippers thus also referred to as Rainbow SERPENTS and Beings of Lights, they have been associated with the Solar Brotherhood. The Serpents of Wisdom worldwide  have traditionally venerated the Primal Serpent as the Premier  and Archetypal  Teacher. Upon landing on Earth many Secret Societies were established for the dissemination of the Ancient Serpent Wisdom. Nothing created is ever lost upon its destruction, it is preserved into another form obeying the governing principle of Triune Cosmic Powers embodied by SERPENTS of WISDOM.  Upon destruction of Atlantis, the SERPENTS of WISDOM  traveled to Kemet, Ancient Egypt, where they served as the foundations of new lodges in North Africa. Later they spread globally establishing secret societies rooted in Ancient Serpent Wisdom.

In a nutshell, though the Serpents of Wisdom are inclined to solitary life style while in their physical body, they remain in contact with the greater worldwide network and work tirelessly in tandem for the spiritual upliftment of the Entire Human Race. They All speak the Universal Language of LOVE, proclaiming that  LOVE IS DIVINE POWER and teach the same Universal Truths.

We err greatly in considering them to be limited by the Physical Body that they have opted to use as vehicle during this brief earthly transit. For they are not the Perceived Body that is limited by space and time. They are Androgynous, embodying the balanced divine feminine and masculine energies while occupying their male or female gender forms. They know that they are on a brief earthly transit while working concurrently with entire network of  SERPENTS of WISDOM on TO FULFIL THE GIVEN MANDATE.  





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