Consciousness Conversations

Consciousness Conversations with Doctor on THE PLATFORM, Mmatheo Motsisi.

Conscious Conversations with hosts Babalwa Manuel, The Duke -Tshepo and Zelo  encourages you to go deeper into Consciousness and unlock the Power that lies within. To dwell in the present and be authentic  amidst hectic daily life! It  unravels the mystery that underlies our journey on this physical plane as spiritual beings. We are multidimensional beings made of energy coded with information on a brief earthly transit for the fulfillment of a Divine Mission.
Listen to our conversation with *Dr. Mmatheo Motsisi*, the Author of Odyssey of a Healer that is based of her spiritual pilgrimage in search for “TRUTH” AND PURPOSE  of incarnation into this physical plane.

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EXTRACT FROM THE BOOK: Odyssey of a Healer

We’re all born or enter this earth plane with a given mission to fulfil. The soul chooses a vessel for operational purposes just like a driver chooses a car. The physical body is the required matrix through which the soul expresses itself….We are spiritual beings having an experience in a physical body, and not the other way round. It is an illusion to believe that the soul needs the physical body for its existence. The soul flows from the Supreme Source, it only chooses an appropriate matrix for its expression in form and fulfilment of its mission as it continues on its upward journey of progression. The body is just a chariot which the soul rides. Its senses, namely, sight, sound, smell and taste are wild horses that pull the body in many different directions. Identifying only with these senses and the perishable body is self-limiting and results in the loss of authenticity that defines us as a multi-dimensional being..