St Francis of Assisi

World within the Mind

The world within the mind is like air enclosed in a pot. We remain forever confined in this imaginary mental world, like a gnat imprisoned in the hollow of the pot. The only way to obtain release is by breaking out of this confinement, like the gnat flying into the open air. In an effort to free ourselves from the delusions of the mind, we must focus on the present moment, avoiding thoughts of the past or future. The mind becomes clouded as long as it is overshadowed by the mist of its desires and fancies, much like an overcast sky obscured by drifting clouds.

The physical world is considered a manifestation or projection of the mind’s contents. By living in the present moment and detaching from past regrets and future anxieties, one can experience true freedom. Focusing on the present moment helps clear the mind of unnecessary clutter. This cognitive clarity allows for better decision-making and enhances creativity and productivity.

Living in the present moment fosters acceptance of what is. By accepting the present as it is, without judgment or resistance, individuals can develop greater resilience in facing life’s challenges. Furthermore, the relationships are enhanced by being present in our interactions with others leads to deeper and more meaningful connections. It reinforces active listening and genuine engagement that improve the quality of relationships.

The idea that the world exists within one’s mind and the liberation that comes from living in the present moment offers a pathway to inner peace and freedom. It encourages a shift in focus from external circumstances to internal states of being, highlighting the power of the mind in shaping our experience of reality.

By embracing the present moment and recognizing the mind’s role in constructing our world, we can achieve a sense of liberation that transcends the confines of our mental constructs, leading to a more fulfilled and enlightened existence.

Here is a Poem, for deeper reflection on “World within the Mind”

In the depths of thought, a world confined,

Like air within a pot, the mind entwined.

We dwell within this realm, unseen,

A soul within a hollowed dream.


To break these walls, to taste the air,

Release the self from mental snare.

Fly free, spirit, to open skies,

Where truth resides, where freedom lies.


Delusion’s veil, desires’ mist,

Clouds the mind, a fleeting twist.

Focus now, on present’s grace,

Let past and future lose their place.


In moments here, the present clear,

The mind finds peace, the heart sincere.

No shadows cast by bygone days,

No future fears to mar our ways.


The mind, unshackled, sees anew,

The sky above, a brilliant blue.

In present’s light, all worries cease,

The soul unfettered, finds its peace.


So live within this moment pure,

Embrace the now, the only cure.

For in the present, we are free,

The world within, in harmony.