You are the Lighthouse

This is the Dawn of New Era…..a decisive moment. There is no Middle Ground……Either we let our light shine to birth Change or Extinguish it. The Choice is before us All.


Beings of light ‘Shine your lights’

For by your light and your hearts intent you will be known.


You and all cannot hide from who and what you are and your light, or lack of it, will reveal your inner character, your purpose and motivations, what you are allied to, and what you worship as the centre of your being, what you are in essence. Only you can judge yourself for only you know yourself but remember everything everywhere at all times is known. Your thoughts, your words, your emotions, your actions are all known by you and recorded within the universal vibrations and harmonics that record all time and no time. Who and what you are, your light in the past, its present flame (or not), and its future potentials are all known within the vibratory records. Some have known these as:

  1.   The book of records
  2.  The book of life (& death)
  3. The book of God’s remembrance
  4. The Akashic record & other similar names that reflect a universal, multidimensional record

What happens from here will in a large part be determined by what your record holds. What balance in your account do you hold. Again only you can determine and judge that what you are, what you have been and what you will be. What you choose to follow, what you choose to deny and avert, what you choose to shine your light (if you have one) upon and nurture.

So  be the light house, let your light shine brightly to illuminate all around you. That is a conscious decision to either let light your light, or willingly choose to extinguish your remaining embers of what should be an inner flame of spirit. This world, this universal order is moving on, progressing, advancing and evolving even though dark forces seek their last efforts to retain control their time is limited their record is stained. They try to extinguish lights for if they can’t have the light, because they neither recognise it nor seek it, they will ensure through base means that they attempt to deny as many as possible from shining their lights, from lighting a bushfire of interconnected spiritual flames. That brilliant light will surely extinguish any last vestiges of darkness and despair that the darker ones choose to inhabit. Their time is extremely limited so it is your time to shine your light, join your light with other lights and light this world with a new spiritual renewal. Not as the dark forces would have it with a dark despairing nuclear and ecological destruction because if they can’t have the earth then you won’t either.
Life and spirit are intertwined and love and wisdom are their offspring. You are a spark of spirit sent into a difficult world of harsh lessons. You were sent with your fellow adventurers to recover and remediate a world by blending your flames together and collectively uplifting the world. As more lights, more love extinguished places of darkness and brought their corruption bubbling to the surface your flames, your light, your love penetrated all places, all times and will continue to do so. Darkness will fade in this endeavor, for darkness does not need to be fought, darkness just needs light shone upon it and it evaporates and disappears for darkness only exists because the light is covered, hidden, not expressed and not turned on.

So shine your lights as brightly as you can for you will be known by your lights and by your vibrations within the universal records.

This is important for the time of choosing has arrived and as beings of light or perhaps of darkness you need to be sure of which you are, what you worship within your heart for only you can ever know that. The records are known by greater forces in this universe who can read the vibrations of the records and can read your light and vibrations. Your thoughts, words, emotions and actions are known. This choosing will occur soon so follow your light, shine your light, and work together to collectively shine your lights.

Revelation comes in many forms and you will understand my meaning soon enough. I cannot say more than this for it is for every individual at this time to choose what they are actively working towards, for and for whom at all levels. This is still a difficult time for this planet and with the shining of all the lights, that will shine, key events will take shape on this planet physically shortly. Great events, difficult events are unfolding as the darkness recedes and claws at retention of its past hold. The rising sunrise guarantees that the darkness will fade into a brilliant morning so wake up, light up, shine and sing your inner song of vibrations and when the events around you unfold know that you are doing your part in your way to make it come, make it better, and unfold a spiritually awakened illuminated humanity self-aware, self-knowing, wiser for its lessons and pain and ready to parent a new era of illuminated being.

 So remember this in the coming days and months…

Beings of light ‘Shine your lights’

For by your light and your hearts intent you will be known.


Written by Brett Martin Wednesday 7th December 2016 (Written 08:00-08:30)