Life in the Beyond

Lake Garda, Italy

Each of us is a wonderful mix of information, influences, traditions, feelings, and stories lying beneath the surface. Sometimes, our minds access stories, images, and emotions that come from a familiar yet unknown place in our current sense of time and space.

How many of us have experienced a sense of déjà vu or had something unexpectedly capture our interest? If we pay attention, all of us can enjoy the rich flavors that being human offers.

May we be willing to accept and appreciate each other, despite our differences, as we awaken to our shared state of oneness. Most of us experience strife and turmoil, passion and love, which lead us to the awareness that we are wonders in human form.

Our human experience is ruled by our physical senses, but these senses are just one aspect of our being. We embody much more. Our language embraces our unseen and metaphysical senses. We use terms like Spirit, Consciousness, Life, God, Universe, Wonder, All, Soul, and Divine. These labels may indicate levels of distinctions and subtleties, or perhaps they all ultimately represent the same thing: Potential and Energy at play. Sometimes, our distinctions serve us, and they can also hinder us.

We all hold an awareness of being Consciousness, God, or Sacred. To say otherwise is misguided. For some, this awareness is deeply buried. We can be trained to fear the power these words represent and how that power expresses itself.

We start as Consciousness, and our form is an expression of Life, Spirit, and Soul merging in an integrated dance we call the Self, the human interface of Consciousness. Sometimes, our compartmentalized labels of body, mind, and spirit cause us to forget this unity. We can lose our sense of the whole in our desire to explain and understand ourselves. These labels are merely ways to notice the dynamic forces at play, interacting concurrently as Life. The heart stops, and incarnated life ends. Birth and death define the duration of an incarnated state of Life.

It is important to create time and space to access Heart-Centered Awareness, the Field of Unified Consciousness. In that state, we move beyond our physical and emotional senses of Self into the core essence of All, the infinite Sea of Potential. Peeling off the layers of personality, emotions, and feelings allows us to tap into our knowing—not just our knowledge or judgments, even our stories.

Life is a gesture of being. We each swim in a constant bath of potential dynamics that we can avail ourselves of. May we extend and expand that gesture, going beyond what we think we know into what we truly know. Appreciate the difference and allow yourself to be.

Lake Garda Swans, Italy