Great Epoch of Transformation

Great Epoch of Transformation

In antiquity the wisdom of Elders was handed down through oral tradition. Eloquently expressed through proverbs and rich with spiritual/religious and ethnical insights. Kindly allow me to share this remarkable African (Setswana) proverb that states: “He who buries the tree will next bury the wild animal, and thereafter, bury his own Ox, and ultimately, bury his own Children.” In a nutshell, it means the destruction of the environment will ultimately destroy humanity, the Earthlings.

During this Great Epoch of Transformation, the Aquarian Age that began around 2012 and will run its course as the Water Bearer for a period of about 2,150, we are collectively undergoing deep cleansing and shedding off our old skins. The insurrection propels the deep awareness pulsating from within stirring the fire to reclaim our Divine Power to become the ‘Architect of our own Reality’. It calls for silencing the external voices and going within. To partake consciously in a journey of Remembering and Reclaiming our Divine Heritage in honour of the Great Mother that birthed All. The ability to remember lies within each individual, we here to remember not to learn anything new.

We are entrusted with the responsibility of facilitating our own healing at soul level so that we merge with the heartbeat of Mother Earth, reverently known by the Star People as the Blue Pearl flowing with the Golden Veins. Among the Star People there are those who were identified as ‘Those Who from Above Came’, the Anunnaki.  Yes, the Anunnaki that initially sought the golden veins of Mother Earth in her bowels. Furthermore, they established the House of Life in ABZU (Southern Africa) and created the Primitive Workers to penetrate the Womb of Mother Earth in search of Gold for the salvation of their Home planet Niburi, the Planet of Crossing.

How did Mother Earth came into Being? Oh, the Songs of the Stars informs us that she evolved from the celestial Dragon Mother, Tiamat post the horrific Star Wars. The Dragon Mother suffered incalculable harm under the attack of her own seedlings/children, i.e., celestial bodies conspired against their own Dragon Mother, under the notion ‘Divide and Conquer, then Subdue and Rule.’ The aftermath resulted in the formation of Mother Earth and her devoted companion, the Moon from her severed Dragon Body. Her bowels formed the Milk Way, also known as the hammered bracelet to the Anunnaki and the Flower Star to the Ancient Ones. It’s the greatest illusion to believe that life as we are programmed to conceptualize only exist on Earth, the Blue Pearl. Neither are we Alone in our Planet nor the Universe, just because it’s not seen or perceived through our limited five senses does equate to its absence or its non-existent.  The Songs of the Stars reverberates in the entire Universe inviting All to partake on a Cosmic Dance, becoming the Dance and the Dancer.

Mother Earth, She is the Giver and Preserver of Life who receives our physical bodies on culmination of our earthly journey as the Soul continues in its spiral progression, the great ascension to Higher Realms. Baba Credo Mutwa brought it to my attention that Mother Earth, during prehistoric period, suffered two major deluges because of inhumane actions of her children. These inhumane actions have been expanded upon in his book, Indaba, My Children.

This occurred during the reign of the Amarire  (Lemurian Civilization), under the instigation of the First People. The subsequent deluge occurred during the Era of Atlantis. It appears that the masses have suffered amnesia of these incidents in their collective consciousness. We are doomed to face another onslaught if we do not yield to the words of the Elders, the Keepers of Ancient Wisdom. The words of the Ancient Ones carry with them wisdom and deep spiritual insight.

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