AFRICA: The Cradle of Humankind

Humanity traces its origin in the Motherland Africa. The African stock of Humankind is the oldest stock, is the parent of all the existing stocks inhabiting all regions of the world. In the words of scientists Chris Stringer, head of the human origins group at London’s Natural History Museum, and Robin McKie, science editor of The Observer,

“Human differences are superficial…What unites us is far more significant than what divides us…Under our skins we are all Africans, the metaphorical sons and daughters of the man from Kibish”.

All the people of the world are traceable to Africa. The Africans, Europeans, Arabs, Jews, Chinese, Indians, all Asians, the peoples of North and South America, the Caribbean, the Oceanic peoples –are all brothers and sisters long lost to one another. We are One Race, the Children of the Law of One / UBUNTU. May the spirit of UBUNTU -ONENESS be rekindled as we pause to connect deeply with the essence of the Poem written by one of the Enlightened Soul rooted in the knowledge of the Ancient Ones, Prof Herbert Winston Vilakazi as he paid homage to the Great Earth Mother reverently called Goddess Nomkhubulwana.

The Story of Africa and Humankind
“Sing, Oh Ancestors and Goddess Nomkhubulwana, the story of Africa and Humankind;
Sing, Ancestors and Goddess Nomkhubulwana, the story of Mother Africa;
How Africa gave birth to Humankind;
How this Lady, Mother Africa, raised and nurtured infant Humankind;
How Mother Africa gave strength, culture, knowledge of Goddesses and Gods, and knowledge of good and evil;
How Mother Africa gave Drum, Dance, Voice, Laughter, Music and Play, to Humankind;

Sing, Oh Ancestors and Goddess Nomkhubulwana, the untold story of Mother Africa and Humankind;
How some of her children-grown-to-adulthood, left Mother Africa for distant corners and far regions of the World; and there changed skin colour, hair, and size of nose, and lips.
Sing, Oh Ancestors and Goddess Nomkhubulwana, how some of these children-grown-to-adulthood, having forgotten their original relationship with Mother Africa, came back, abused, heaped contempt, and violated Their own Mother, and, like maddened Ajax, chained, drew blood, killed, and took their own brothers and sisters to be slaves in distant lands;

Sing, Oh Ancestors and Goddess Nomkhubulwana, how this act became poison And Curse on the minds and souls of all Humankind;
Sing, Ancestors and Goddess Nomkhubulwana, how redemption, renewal, and regeneration of all Humankind shall fail and be naught, until Mother Africa is restored to Her place of Honour as the Mother of Humankind, and how the African is the first brother and sister, and first cousin, of all peoples of the World.” – Herbert Winston Vilakazi

From the book of Dr. Larry Dossey, One Mind, he wrote,

“We are All a manifestation of the Greater I AM, basically a microcosm of the Macrocosm….As long as we believe we are separate, there will be all manner of dysfunction in the world, but when we embrace our Oneness, there is nothing we cannot overcome.’’

Our Individual Mind is Part of a Universal Mind, the Universal Consciousness. This concept is intricately woven in UBUNTU – ‘Umumntu ngumuntu ngabantu’ in isiZulu or ‘Motho ke motho ka batho ba bangwe’ in Setswana.

We are All of One SOURCE. Our individual Mind bears its origin from the Infinite Mind, a Universal One Mind that subsumes and unites all individual minds.

This view of ONENESS / UBUNTU predates All. All philosophies and religions are woven around it, i.e. the UNIVERSAL Law of One.  It has threaded from antiquity through to the present.”

There have been countless voices that have spoken to us throughout our history about the Universal Law of One / UBUNTU.

Here are just a few:

“Human nature was originally One and we were a whole.” —Plato

“There is one common flow, one common breathing, all things are in sympathy.” —Hippocrates

“There is one mind common to all individual men…[a] universal mind. The Over-Soul is that unity…within which every man’s particular being is contained and made one with all other. Within man is the soul of the whole…the eternal ONE.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

“When we view ourselves in space and time, our consciousnesses are obviously the separate individuals of a particle-picture, but when we pass beyond space and time, they may perhaps form ingredients of a single continuous stream of life. As it is with light and electricity, so it may be with life; the phenomena may be individuals carrying on separate existences in space and time, while in the deeper reality beyond space and time we may be all members of one body.” —Sir James Jeans, Astrophysicist

“To divide or multiply consciousness is something meaningless. In all the world, there is no kind of framework within which we can find consciousness in the plural; this is simply something we construct because of the spatio-temporal plurality of individuals, but it is a false construction… The category of number, of whole and of parts, are then simply not applicable to it…The overall number of minds is just one… In truth there is only one mind.” —Erwin Schrodinger, 1933 Nobel Prize in Physics

“The notion of a separate organism is clearly an abstraction, as is also its boundary. Underlying all this is unbroken wholeness even though our civilization has developed in such a way as to strongly emphasize the separation into parts.” —David Bohm & Basil Hiley, physicists

Background on Bantu, Watu or aBantu

History is the tapestry of events of human activity that have led to the present. Without understanding where we have been, we can’t properly understand and shape the future we want to create. The understanding of our living history equips us to identify our role in birthing change, as well as positively, contribute to the guiding of civilization toward a benevolent end.

It is worth remembering that “Development” does not proceed in a straightline, from “the primitive” to “the advanced.” Nothing in nature proceeds in straight lines, but in circles; and human cultures too, like individual human beings, go through cycles of development and regression. Empires do rise and fall; and cultures that now appear “primitive” or “never developed” could well be sitting on the rubble of great past civilizations, once built by their ancestors, once flourishing, and then disintegrating under a multitude of pressures.

It is impossible to truly understand UBUNTU without relating it to the Great Ba-Ntu Nation that lived in the Old land before the great deluge that resulted in the continental shift. It goes as far back as the Era of the people of Amarire, commonly known as the Era of Lemuria that predates the Era of Atlantis..

Bantu is plural word / noun that means People, its singular is uMuntu that denotes a human being / man that walks erect. The Prefix Ba- and Mu– denotes an agent. The suffixNtu is derived from ntu-tu-tu, an onomatopoeic word which imitates the natural sounds emitted by the human being with each step as it walks on its two legs. Black people of Africa call themselves Bantu, Watu or aBantu. This term is not restricted to the African Continent, which happens to be the Cradle of Humankind. Bantu is a collective term for People of Earth, the ”Earth Dwellers”. It transcends race, colour and creed.  It was later expanded to describe various people scattered throughout the globe though tracing their ancestral roots in the Motherland Africa. For example, those of colour are referred to as aBantu abasundu / black people. While our fellow brothers and sisters in Europe and other parts of Asia are referred to as aBantu abamhlophe as White people.

We are informed by uBaba Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa, a High Sanusi-Sangoma knowledgeable in African Tribal history that there existed a forgotten history of the Great Bantu Nation from which UBUNTU OR ONENESS was the Fountain of Living Waters that nurtured and sustained the ”People of the Law of One’. The Ancestral tribe from which all the ‘Tribes of Africa sprang are known as Batu / Bantu. The Bantu lived in the Old land far back during the Stone or Bone Ages.

St Lucia, Kwa-Zulu Natal, RSA
Photographer: Nakedi Monyemoratho

Where is this Old land of the Great Ba-Ntu?

“It is there where the ‘Old Tribes’ are still found today-the Watu Wakale. These incorporate all the tribes of the land of the Bu-Kongo right up to the southern parts of the land of the Ibo and Oyo(Nigeria). These tribes belong to the basic stock of all such tribes who identify themselves with the prefix Ba. They are the Ba-Mileke, Ba-Mbara, Ba-Kongo, Ba-Ganda, Ba-Hutu, Ba-Luba, Ba-Tonka, Ba-Sutu and Ba-Chopi. The southern offshoots-the Ba-Pedi, Ba-Venda, Ba-Kgalaka and Ba-Tswana- are the oldest Bantu tribes south of the level of the Limpopo and their histories within these regions go back to a thousand years BC.” – Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa

  • The Great Ba-Ntu Nation lived for thousand years peacefully in the Old Land far back during the Bone and Stone Ages.
  • They were a properly organized nation that lived in Old Land for full 4,500 years ago.
  • The direct offshoots sprang from the Mother Body of the Great Ba-Ntu, thus creating a variety of tribes or nations seen today as a ”Rainbow Nation” scattered throughout the globe – the Great Exodus of the offshoots of Ba-Ntu.
  • Ba-Ntu were founders of our culture and religion (practices) 
  • They were Ruled by High Council of the Mothers of the People not Chiefs.
  • The High Council of the Mothers of the People composed of Wise Ones over the age of 40. A high curse was placed upon any person that transgressed the law of the Tribe as laid down by High Council of the Mothers of the People
  • The ruling Council of Mothers of the People were highly knowledgeable in Secrets of the Ancient Ones and the Primordial Spirit (Great Goddess of Creation) that birthed Humanity.
  • Death was not feared, it was seen as part of the life cycle i.e. Birth -Death-Rebirth or (Renewal). At birth we are ushered from the sacred womb of Great Goddess of Creation, at physical death we return to her sacred womb for renewal or rebirth. Everything which is of Nature is never lost, it is recycled back into the system of existence -the wheel of Life.
  • War and Crime was kept away from the land, using spiritual means of intervention. It was understood by the Ruling Council of the Mothers that war, crime, corporal punishment hardens the person and encourages that person to become more cunning.
  • During this period of the reign of the Wise Mothers of the People the Great Ba- Ntu lived in state of Oneness as One Race of Man.
  • The spirit of Peace reigned in the Old land. Every Man, Woman, Child and Beast felt the soothing protection of the soft-eyed Wise Ones, the infinitely Wise Mothers of the People. It was during this period, that the Great Belief was born-UBUNTU.
  •  Eventually, when Great Ba-Ntu nation broke up into various tribes. The Great Belief had taken such a strong hold on the souls and minds of people.
  • The notion of Separate Self as a human Being was inconceivable. Human beings deemed it impossible to exist outside the context of relations with other human beings: “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”.
  • The individual was integrated within the human community, local and UNIVERSAL, an intricate part /microcosm of the greater Whole (Macrocosm). This was the crux of UBUNTU / ONENESS.

Knowledge of the Ancient Ones

Concept of Universal Spirit or Great Spirit, let us take the Analogy of the Universe as Gigantic Ant Hill. The Ant Hill represent the Universal Spirit, us and everything i.e. ants and sands that grow inside the ant hill. Universal Spirit created Self and slowly expanded to fill the universe, i.e. grew in size. In the process, bodies and material were created as part of the manifestation of the Universal Spirit.

We have been informed by Gatekeepers of Ancient Knowledge that UBUNTU OR ONENESS is rooted on an incorruptible foundation and pillars:

  1. The Supreme Spirit is contained in All animate and inanimate.
  • The Supreme Spirit /Universal Spirit is the Sum total of everything.
  • Supreme Spirit exist in us more than we exist in ourselves.
  • We are a manifestation of the Universal Spirit’.
  • Our Soul is immortal because it emanates from an immortal Spirit
  • We are part of the Universal Spirit as the grains of sandstone are part of the stone or rock which is part of the mountain.

The Most Ultimate God, who is the God of the Gods of the Gods, is Everything in Everything. Each tree, each blade of grass and each stone that you see out there, and each one of the things that live, be they men or beasts, are all parts of God, just as each one of the hairs on your head and each flea in your hair and each drop of your blood is part of you. The Sun is part of God, the Moon is part of God and each one of the Stars is but an infinitesimal part of Ultimate God who Will Be, and yet shall never be, because there never was a time when God was not and there never is a time when God can never be. –Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa: Indaba My Children.

2. Most High God / Universal Spirit & Lesser Gods

  • The very essence of the Universal Spirit, the Shape and Being is beyond interpretation of the human eye and human brain
  • Knowingness or an awareness of the existence of Most High God (Universal Spirit) and Lesser gods.
  • Universal Spirit must never be interpreted as having fixed shape. We err greatly by attaching a fixed image to the Universal Spirit.
  • Universal Spirit can assume any shape so desires, any form that suit the purpose best at any given time.
  • The Lesser Gods can assume the shapes of animals, trees or even rocks. Often, the Lesser Gods take human forms because we would understand better when they communicate with us.

3. Symbols of Eternity as a representation of the Universal Spirit.

The carved images of the Great Spirit have been observed throughout Africa. Some of this Symbols of Eternity were observed in eSwatini, among the Batswana and other tribes. Several observed outside the Motherland Africa, among indigenous people that I had the opportunity to participate in their ritual ceremonies during my spiritual pilgrimage. The ones observed in Africa were carved in Red and White “simbiti” wood which is sacred wood for the carving of holy things or images. The carved image that captivated the spirit in me was the one that revealed the Universal Spirit shaped like a great canoe with a human-head at the stern (rear of canoe) and another human head at the prow (front of canoe). The heads looking up into the heavens / sky – a sign that the Universal Spirit continues into infinity, neither has beginning nor an end. Riding on the Canoe is the image of a full bodied Woman representing the Great Goddess Mother-the ultimate Feminine Creative Cause of All. This Symbolise the androgynous state of the Universal Spirit. This in return correspond with our original state of being, the ancient humanoids were androgynous before the engineered split. Androgynous state of being is revered among indigenous people that honor ancient ways of being and healing commonly referred to as “Shamanism” by scholars.

The “Blessed Ones”- as mediators between the spiritual and physical realm- are often entrusted with the spiritual mandate to be the gatekeepers the dimensional portals. This is a high calling bestowed on the individual prior incarnation that ensures continuity between the deities and nature spirits that dwell in the delicate Soul Being or Consciousness of Mother Earth. The individual transmits a higher vibration as an androgynous being in comparison with an ordinary person. The ancient humanoids were androgynous before the engineered gender split. The androgynous beings are powerful carriers of the spirit because of the union between the masculine and the feminine energies in the bodies. The real gender is not anatomic, primarily it is a determinant of who contributes which seed for the continuity of life in the physical realm. The tribal elders, guardians of ancient knowledge, have always advocated that a male in the physical can vibrate a feminine energy while the female vibrates the masculine energy. This is because the spirit inhabiting either the male or female body is itself androgynous: it has both the masculine and feminine energies in perfect balance. –Mmatheo Motsisi : Odyssey of a Healer

Let us return to the carved image of the Symbol of Eternity, the body of the canoe carried on the back of a wooden crocodile without a tail.  The Symbolic meaning that the Ultimate Spirit is neither evil nor good, neither life nor death, neither merciful nor cruel. All the manifest and unmanifest are the expressions of the Ultimate Spirit which we chose to label in relation to the other as evil or good, life or death, merciful or cruel. For within the Flow of the manifest and unmanifest there is harmony. None is greater or lesser than the other because there is no Other but Oneness.



4. The Body as a Ball of Clay or Known as Ball of Instructions 

Ball of Clay is made up of other balls inside i.e. the Outer ball of clay visible to the Naked Eye and the invisible six balls within each other that can be discerned through other higher means of communication that transcend our limited five sensory organs. In an awakened state, the Outer ball called the Ball of instructions is fed by the balls within (i.e. Power lies within). Thus, the idiomatic expression, “Know Thyself for there Lies your Power.”                                                                                        

  • The ball is our symbol of Infinity, for it is interconnected to the electromagnetic field of Mother Earth and the entire Universe. Everything under the Sun is part of something Greater.
  • The Ball symbolise, All our knowledge and Belief.

5. Ancient Creed about the Soul

  • Man does not possess a special soul i.e. exclusive to himself.
  • All souls are the same.
  • Man is but one of the many forms or re-incarnation that a soul pass through.
  • Universal Spirit did not create the Soul -the Soul is integral part of Universal Spirit.
  • All souls were created when Universal Spirit created Self- “Analogy of the Great Ant hill” that symbolise the Universe and All in it.
  • Soul exist simply because Universal Spirit exists.
  • The Soul as part of the All that Is, a manifestation of the Greater I AM, undergoes transmigration.

6. Transmigration of the Soul

Belief that Soul passes through a series of developmental stages long before and after its brief association with the body.

  • Lower plant life Phase -grass, shrubs.
  • Higher plant life Phase -Trees (some regarded as sacred trees e.g. Baobab considered to be a direct descent with the Tree of Life).
  • Beast Phase – some sacred like Leopard, Cheetah, Elephant, Ant eater, hippopotamus, cattle.
  •  Human Phase referred as the Great Middle Phase – Man stands in middle of Living creatures not at the top. From Middle Phase, the soul proceed to Higher planes of existence, namely the Reptile phase, the Bird Phase and the Star Phase                  

7. Concept of self

  • “Self’’ i.e. The individuated self as perceived separate from others and Universal Spirit. The “Self’ builds up gradually slowly of the memories, thoughts and experiences.
  • This Acquired Self, is not tangible i.e. flesh and blood. It is an apparition of transparent mist that can be termed a “ghost / shadow”.
  • A ghost/apparition is often seen after the transformation of the soul of the departed person. It hangs around for some time after physical death of the body. However, it should not be confused with the immortal soul. This apparition, the Acquired Self referred to as the Ena of the person is not immortal.

At birth, baby is born only with the Body, Mind and Soul  but not the Ena or Acquired Self. The Ena or Acquired Self grows like a flower as the child grows. It is nourished by the experiences of the growing child. The Acquired Self is shaped by child’s own character and characters of those whom the child imitates e.g. parent. It rides across the lake of time on the soul, just like a man rides on a Canoe in order to built up character. In a nutshell, Character is combination of the Ena and the Soul.

8. The Concept of Time.

The belief that Time is a great river that flows into its own source in a huge circle. The oldest symbol of Time, or Life in Africa is a Python biting its own tail. All living things are swimming across a great lake, called Time. Those things of flesh and blood are outdistanced in the race across the lake of time by those things that are Spirit such as the Soul and Ena. The Soul will often send a message or warning to the body through the mind in the form of a premonitions, visions or dreams.

“Whatever manifest itself in the Physical has its origin in Spirit”Mmatheo Motsisi

  “Those who know Not that they are One, Act not as One. Those who act not as One, Create not Love, but suffering and disharmony. What you create, you receive. The Fruits of Your acts will follow your days.”
The Children of the Law of One & Lost Teachings of Atlantis.

Recommended Books:

  1. Mmatheo Motsisi. Odyssey of a Healer
  2. Monica Sjoo & Barbara Mor. The Great Cosmic Mother: Rediscovering the Religion of the Earth
  3. Jon Peniel. The Children of the Law of One & Lost Teachings of Atlantis.
  4. Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa. Indaba My Children: African Tribal History, Legends, Customs and Religious Beliefs
  5. Larry Dossey. One Mind
  6. David Hatcher Childress. Lost Cities & Ancient Mysteries of Africa & Arabia
  7. David Hatcher Childress. Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria & Pacific
  8. Mark Amaru Pinkham. The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom