Colon HydrotherapyColon Hydrotherapy is a safe and gentle, warm internal bath using filtered, purified water that gently assists in eliminating stored fecal matter, gas, mucus and toxic substances from the colon. Colon Hydrotherapy is also known as Colonics, Colon Irrigation, and Colon Therapy.
Colon Hydrotherapy has been used for centuries and can be dated back as far as the 14th century B.C. The ancient Egyptian medical document known as the Eber Papyrus shows that the procedure of colon cleansing was used in the treatment of no less than twenty different stomach aliments and intestinal complaints. In the early 1900’s, John H. Kellogg, M.D., the lead physician at the Battle Creek Sanitarium for health and founder of Kellogg Cereals, used colon therapy on over forty thousand patients. Kellogg was an early advocate of exercise and “biologic living” to avoid surgery for gastrointestinal disease. Dr. Kellogg published an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association praising colon therapy’s efficacy in saving dysfunctional bowels and restoring optimal health.
It’s no secret that poor digestion is a chronic issue for countless South Africans and the result of an overworked digestive system that is bombarded with fast foods, processed and genetically modified foods, toxins, alcohol consumption, medications and stress.
Dr. Motsisi responds to your colon’s SOS call by offering state-of-the art, Colon Hydrotherapy treatment that effectively cleanses your colon, detoxes and reduces digestive discomfort by flushing out waste material that your body may not be removing effectively.

Your Colon, Your Health

The colon (large intestine) is approximately five feet long and two and a half inches in diameter, but it is capable of stretching to five times its size. This hollow, tube-like organ is muscular and moves material through it by a process known as peristalsis. The major functions of the colon are final food digestion, absorption of water and nutrients, elimination of digestive residue, and discharge of toxins and waste from the body. When the colon becomes compromised due to diet, environment, stress, and other factors, it accumulates and stores unhealthy residue and toxins—disabling the body’s natural systems of elimination, purification and nutrient absorption.
Bacteria thrive in the colon. Balanced diets free of refined and processed food keep the bacteria in an optimal balance and allow the breakdown of waste and absorption of nutrients. When diet and lifestyle change, bad bacteria and yeast overcome the good flora growth and produce toxins. Toxins build up in the colon, and the body’s natural defense is mucous. Layering begins and can eventually compromise the colon. Toxins break down the protective lining of the colon and are transported by the blood to the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system for further filtering—overburdening the body’s organs.

If your colon could speak it would be asking for help, and that’s why Dr. Motsisi is here?

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