Dr Mmatheo Motsisi

Dr Mmatheo Motsisi

Dr Mmatheo Motsisi has travelled extensively participating in Healing practices & Rituals of Indigenous People of the World in Nepal, India, China, Africa, including the Native Americans in USA. She is Doctoral Candidate with Holos University working towards completion of her Dissertation on Healing Power of Nature based on her personal journey and the experiences of other healers, she has interacted with during her many travels.
Dr Mmatheo Motsisi brings her wealth of knowledge and experience of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Physiotherapy, Colon Hydrotherapy, Integrative Healthcare and Spiritual Healing. She has developed a sympathetic understanding of the needs and problems of patients entrusted under her care.
Dr Mmatheo Motsisi runs her Holistic Practice located in Orange Grove serving an area around Johannesburg suburbs.
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Dr Mmatheo Motsisi has a special interest in treating stress and depression with acupuncture and has gained several years’ experience with this particular medical problem.

  • Over 20 years on Physiotherapy practice, specializing in Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy & Sports Medicine.
  • She is an enthusiast scholar continuously  engaged in Education and Research
  • Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture (Beijing)
  • Doctoral Candidate for Integrative Medicine & Spirituality (Holos University –USA)
  • Certified Colon Hydrotherapist
  • Consultant for Medicolegal Reports (State Attorneys & Private Law Firms)

About the Practice – Healing Power of Nature

The mission of Healing Power of Nature is to provide you with the best Holistic therapy to address your personal needs. Every patient is unique, therefore based on the clinical findings an individualized treatment program is designed for each patient. There are different modalities employed in our practice namely: Acupuncture, Colon Hydrotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Physiotherapy and Spiritual Healing. Your optimum health is our goal. We appreciate your decision to receive treatment here, and will do everything possible to make your experience at the clinic comfortable and healing.

Treatments are provided in a private room, where environment conditions are regulated to fit your individual needs. Therapeutic music and lighting encourage a stress-free session and enhance your experience.

Our professional and courteous staff work to make your appointments convenient, protect your confidentiality, and answer relevant questions.

Need More Advice on Our Treatments?

Call us on 011 640 3593, we will give you advise you on treatments such as Physiotherapy, Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and Spiritual Healing